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The pharmacy department at Adair County Memorial Hospital places priority on medication safety, high quality patient care, and education.

The department provides the following services:

  • Drug monitoring: Computer technology assists the pharmacist in monitoring for drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy issues, and correct medication dosage.
  • IV-Admixture Service: Pharmacist mixes medications that are given intravenously using aseptic, sterile technique, in a laminar flow hood that is located in a USP 797 compliant clean room.
  • Automated dispensing system:  Medications are stored within an automated dispensing system that is interfaced with the patient’s medication profile.  Medications listed on the patients profile are removed from the machine using bar code technology.  This “cart less” system is much safer and efficient than traditional manual fill models.
  • Renal Monitoring:  Patients with poor kidney function are monitored because certain drugs are not removed from their bodies as quickly.  If dosage adjustments are needed the provider is notified.
  • Drug Information:  One of the most important functions of the pharmacy is providing drug information. Nurses, physicians and patients are provided with drug information whenever needed.